Meet our Brand

We’re a fashion start-up, that was born during the lockdown under the sole proprietorship of Shweta Modi. To cope with the pandemic hardship the world is facing right now we are currently dealing with masks that are both comfortable and where the style is without compromise.


We believe in giving back to society. During this lockdown, the weakest section of the fashion industry, the garment workers took the biggest fall. Hence we are working with workers from the garment industry that lost their jobs or weren’t paid during the recent lockdown.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Meet Me

I was 13 when I decided I want to pursue fashion design and build an enormous fashion empire. When all of my other friends were busy writing in their diaries or playing a sport, I would sketch. I would find a way to segregate every single thought from the cacophony of ungodly voices in my head and listen to them patiently.


Every obstacle I’ve dealt with has motivated me to translate that raw emotion into clothing. Every piece of clothing I’ve made is reflective and symbolic of my mind space in that time period. Making clothing is my outlet. This is how I feel most comfortable expressing myself. While most people smell a familiar scent or taste something they’ve tasted before and feel nostalgic, I can look at something I’ve made years ago, and remember every bittersweet emotion I felt when I made it. This is my own personal timeline. 

I want to grow as a designer, learn new techniques, and explore a more sustainable, ethical, and organic work method.

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