Who made my masks

A report released by Mark Anner, director of Pennsylvania State University's Center for Global Workers' Rights, says the coronavirus crisis has resulted in millions of factory workers, mostly women from rural areas, being sent home without the wages or severance pay they are owed.

The disruptions from the virus outbreak are straining a fragile supply chain in which big buyers have been squeezing their suppliers for years. We have scant resources to help protect workers. Factory owners are unlikely to fight back out of fear they might lose future business once the crisis passes.

We have a cruel reality here. In time, they will go hungry, their families will suffer, their children, their parents will suffer for lack of food, medicine. The global brands will lose but a fraction of their profit, the owners might also lose a share, but the workers will be left without money for food and family.

Shop for a cause

Until the brands with clout, put people before profit, the exploitation of workers will continue.


Factory owners are placed in a difficult situation knowing that if they refuse to accept the work it will be offered to another factory for less, and they will accept it otherwise their workers will starve.

This situation is unacceptable as no one should be dying for the sake of fashion. As citizens of a democratic society, we all have the power to instigate change simply by educating ourselves in regards to the state of fashion.

Stand with me

For these reasons, we at Shwempire work with these garment workers that have been fired or were not paid their wages since the pandemic hit to make masks for us. This way they make an income that could help provide for their family financially.


This is our small initiative to help uplift them at a time when they need our help the most.

So come stand with me, be a part of the change towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion statement.

Our masks are carefully designed by Shweta Modi and ethically made by our artisans and garment workers. We believe in comfort with style. Hence, we use a variety of fabrics including Cotton, Polyester Wool, Silk and so on. 

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